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Carrying Forth Three Generations of High Standards and Exceptional Results

Hi-Lume Corporation is a family-owned open shop commercial carpentry company based in Long Island, New York. The company was founded in 1963 by Albert O. Sutherland, who had developed and patented a state-of-the-art luminous ceiling system. The company soon grew to cover all aspects of commercial carpentry, from simple metal framing and drywall assemblies to intricate acoustical ceilings, heavy gauge metal framed shells, and exterior panel systems. Today, our projects can be found throughout the New York metropolitan and tri-state area and span the entire spectrum of public and private works.

We believe that our greatest strength lies in the drive and experience of the people who work for us – and we do have quite a bit of experience. Our two senior estimators have been contributing their talents for a combined 45 years. Our team also has a solid core of highly skilled foremen, most of whom have been with the company for 20 years or more.

We also believe that our superior quality is the key factor that sets us apart from many other contractors. Between the written rule provided in our Foreman Handbook and the unwritten rule brewed in the casks of our company culture for more than 50 years now, our teams in the field cannot deny that quality is – and always will be – Priority Number One. 
With combined countless years of experience, our team of dedicated professionals offers precise competitive pricing and superior service.
James Sutherland, President
Gary Shea, Vice President (1980)
Alexis Credidio, Comptroller (1990)
James Sutherland Jr., Project Manager (2005)
Bill Miller, Senior Estimator (1992)
Steve Hake, Senior Estimator (1986)
Robert Swain, Field Supervisor (1994)
Gasper Accurso, Field Supervisor (1988)
Vernon Leake, Equipment / Safety Control (1989)
Hi-Lume employs a labor force with considerable field experience, including these Foremen with 20-plus years at Hi-Lume:
Paul Bergerson (1989)
Rich Vitzthum (1992) 
George Northrop (1994) 
Joe Maenza (1994) 
Jeff Ruggiero (1996)
Jay McDonough (1997)
Greg Malkasian (1998)
  • Family Owned Company Est. 1963
  • Headquartered in Hauppauge, Long Island, NY
  • Open Shop Contractor
  • Servicing Metro NY/NJ/CT/Long Island
  • Public and Private Sector Projects
  • OSHA Safety Training/Excellent EMR Safety Rating
  • NYS Dept. of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • Cutting Edge Tools & Technology